Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Melissa as "Wendy" in Peter Pan

Melissa had the part of Wendy as well as the Student director.

June 4th Update

Dear Praying Friend,

Robert is 39 years old, a drug addict who inhabits a run-down, almost empty, dirty house on the corner by our apartment. Peter had passed by him for years as he sat on the sidewalk in a stupor. A couple of months ago, he set fire to the house, causing damage to the roof. At the same time, Peter had been convicted about acting like the Levite and the priest on the way to Jerusalem, who did not bother to help the wounded, helpless man lying on the road. After talking with him and his mother, Peter arranged for him to join the drug rehabilitation program in Eneal. He has been there for 3 weeks now. Pray for him to be regenerated and for his family to be receptive to the gospel.

Sharon has been counseling 2 ladies who are susceptible to deceptive lies from the enemy. Pray for them to be lovers of the truth, and to seek to please God above all things. This Saturday we will have a baby shower for another mother, and there are 3 more on the way for this year! These events provide opportunities for sharing among the generations of women so that the younger ones acquire biblical attitudes of their roles. Sharon will give a short talk this time on the difference between Lot’s wife changed to a pillar of salt, and carved pillars that adorn a palace, as in Psalm 144:12.

Last week 13 tractor trailers brought in fill gravel to raise the level of the foundation on the church property. On the agenda for this week: obtain water and electricity permits. A concern is for prudence and wisdom in dealing with the local labor unions. These organizations compete for customers as the law requires that a certain % of the labor force of any construction project be from the local area, not “imported.” What often results is that the owners pay a monthly “payment” (bribe) to one union, and put up a notice with the name on it, and the owners then hire whomever they want to work. Another solution would be to hire a contractor who would deal with the labor unions.

After a 2 month delay, the Department of Religion granted what we thought was the permission for TEAM to sell our apartment. Actually, according to the fine print, it says only that TEAM has permission to register the minutes from the missions meeting where we authorized the sale, not sell it. We have less than a 30 day window in which to register them with the court house here, but of course, they asked for an additional document which we are unable to procure until the TEAM secretary returns from a very much deserved vacation in Canada.

Peter attended a mentoring workshop (Mentorlink) May 27-29th in Valencia. He enjoyed the interaction with mentors from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and the US. The mentoring concept surprisingly was a new idea for most of those that were in attendance. On the way back the bronco broke down in a forested area and needed to be towed to a garage. Fortunately, Peter had a passenger with him. He got a ride to the nearest town, was able to get the car towed to a garage, and find a hotel for the night. The next day a mechanic fixed temporarily the coil brace that had broken off.

Remember the Panare tribe for which our church is the promoter? They are concerned to share the gospel with some villages which lie far to the south of them, close to the Brazilian border. These villages are only accessible by small plane. Last Wednesday a group of 5 leaders flew there to stay for 6 weeks. This means much sacrifice on their part, being absent from the family farm. Those 5 men left with only enough money to pay their way there! The return trip cost is being collected from amongst several churches.

Prayer concerns: For a new part time church secretary. I know, we mentioned this the last time, but we haven’t replaced her yet. Direction, discernment, and steps taken to A: further train deacons and wives and other leaders for more responsibility, and B: start the process of either producing or finding a replacement couple before our departure anticipated at the latest for June, 2009.

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Thank you for praying,

Peter and Sharon

Leveling the Church Land

Getting ready to level the land
All ready for work teams!!!!