Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Arrival of our second granddaughter Paloma Grace

What a joy it is to welcome a new granddaughter into the family. Paloma Grace was born on Sunday September 4th. She arrived a week early so grandma Sharon didn't arrive to help out until the 12th. Sharon was able to spend two weeks in Virginia helping out and even got to celebrate her birthday more than once.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Celebrating our 35th Anniversary in Mallorca, Spain

I surprised Sharon with a trip to Mallorca for our 35th Anniversary. Was a very enjoyable time and it seemed like we were back in Venezuela. The island was a lot bigger than what we had imagined. Thanks to our friends Andrew and Vivienne who let us stay in their home while they were out of town and offered the use of their car!
35 of the best years ever!
 S' Almonia Beach
 Moro Beach

 Sa Farinera Resturant was the best
 Calobara Beach
 Varques Beach was our favorite Beach
The Cave of Drach

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

9 Marks Weekender & Half Marathon in Washington DC

While Peter was up in Washington DC to help out with the International 9Marks Weekender he also ran the DC Half Marathon. Was a great time to be running through DC as the cheery blossoms were just coming out.

 Was great running thru the capitol
Boy was I sore when I finished
 Checking out DC with the weekender guys
 Think tank with Jamie and Giancarlo
Great time of fellowship, 
David on left and Javi on right came over from Spain
 Discussion time with Mark

Nicolas & Sam, (Argentina) Javi & David (Spain)
Watching Mark and the interns
 Elders meeting at CHBC
 Mark's great preaching on Sunday
Our Spanish connect with Mark, From the left Felix, Giancarlo, 
Daniel, Mark, Enrique, Jorge, Peter, Rick and Ryan

Monday, January 4, 2016

Melissa's and Bryants wedding

Sure was a joy to be with Family at the End of the year and Celebrate the beginning of a new chapter for our daughter Melissa and her husband Bryant. Great time with so many family and friends! Thanks to all who made the effort to celebrate with us.