Saturday, May 2, 2015

Construction at the IBM Church in Venezuela

I wanted to add some pictures of the construction at the IBM church in Lecheria, Venezuela. Little by little the construction is coming along.
 This open area that you see will be the main Hall for the worship service. When finish they should be able to seat 300-400 people. This is a view from the apartment building next to the church properity.

 Getting ready to pour the first floor
 Elder Alejandro Molero at work doing some plastering
Work day to help hand pour the second level floor.
There were 56 Men from church helping to pour the roof by hand, 19 of them were engineers. There were also 30 plus women there cooking food and serving refreshments. A true church project.
 Notice the walls have grates in them to make it harder to break into the church, the windows are also narrow so that no one will try and fit through the window.
 All poured by hand
This is where they will have the second floor classrooms.