Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greetings faithful prayer partners:
Camp Chuparipal Report: 2 bus loads of 30 people went from
our area, contributing to a total of over 300. Many people were
challenged to be more faithful in their walk with the Lord.
One youth from our church, Jesus Marques, was deeply convicted
of sin in his life. What a testimony to see the other youth
around him, praying for him as he was broken before the Lord.
It rained several times, which would be the equivalent of snow
in the summer in the U.S! Small groups at camp
The waterslide stayed occupied all day!

This past weekend we experienced a Mini-Retreat: Friday
night and Saturday an hour away at a new developing camp.
@60 people from church, including children, gathered for
(re)orientation on the purpose and dynamics of the cell
group concept. Several new Christians and their families
participated. Our goal for 2009 is to develop 10 new cell group
leaders, form 5 new cell groups, and add 50 new members.

The biggest news and prayer concern this time is for the
Spain Investigative Trip.
We’ve had a surprise development: a young couple, Micah
and Kimberly Yaun, members of the Faith Presbyterian
missions committee, took up our invitation for someone to
come along! They have both come to Venezuela several times
with work teams and would like to explore the opportunity
to minister in Spain full time. Below is the basic itinerary
so you will know how to pray:
Visit Schedule:
Thursday: Leave 12:20 from Barcelona airport.
Leave 5:30pm from Caracas airport on 8½ hour flight and…

Friday:…arrive in Madrid 7:40 am their time. Visit an area
where ministry to Muslims in Madrid is going on. 4:00pm
meet with John Blake with Decision. Home and crash.

Meet with Ron Anderson, European Director of European
Christian Mission
Jake Bock - possibly
John Nicely, Coordinator for TEAM Spain, - lunch
6:00 Oasis Madrid church service
8:00 Tapas (drinks and light food) with Jay and Carolyn Sensenig,
formerly in Venezuela

Camarma Church Service
Lunch and afternoon with the Tablantes ( a dedicated couple
from our church who relocated a year ago)

Monday and Tuesday:
5 hour bus ride to Granada with Danny Johnson. Visit IlbET,
a training center for missionaries to work with Muslims. IIbET
has a need for a fund raiser, and it's strategic in terms of channeling
Latin Americans to Northern Africa, where it is difficult for North
Americans to enter. Maybe a visit to Alhambra?

Meet with Paul Bowman, TEAM church planter
Leave for Tenerife 3:00 pm (2hrs 45 min.) arrive 4:45 their time.
The other TEAM couple, Scott and Lorna Muha, will join us for this
leg. We return on the following Monday morning 7am Spanish time
and arrive at Barcelona airport 9:40pm. Attached is the schedule for
the 6 of us while we are in Tenerife.

Wednesday, Mar 18 - Monday Mar 23
Visit in Tenerife. Checking out Possible target areas, local pastors,
Housing opportunities, checking prices, Needed documents,
Return to Venezuela March 23