Friday, May 14, 2010

Pictures from our trip West

Peter With Latin Pastor at the Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY

With the Newmans in Jonesboro, LA
Home where Elvis grew up in Tupelo

April Trip West

McMillan Messenger May, 2010

April Trip North & West: Louisville, KY: Lavalette, WV; Gainesville, VA; Tupelo, MS; Siloam Springs, AK; Longview, TX; Jonesboro, LA – See more pictures on our blog at

Three weeks from now we will have been back in the USA for a year. We are encouraged that from 65% our monthly support is now up to 76% of the needed $8090 monthly. Three more churches and two more families have pledged to take on our support for which we are grateful!

Of the other 170 new churches in VA, NC and SC we have contacted there are about 27 that have expressed interest in partnering with us. Pray that Peter would have wisdom as he emails and calls them to set up a time to speak at their church. 7 churches are praying about what their partnership should be. For those whom God has chosen to be our partners pray that the Lord will give the faith to trust him for the resources for that partnership.

I find myself asking the question; “How many more churches will I need to contact?” “Do I have faith that the Lord will raise up the partners we need?” I was encouraged by something that I read by Alexander Hay about George Muller:

George Muller, being called of God to care for orphan children in Bristol, England, and having no resources of his own with which to do it, trusted God to supply all his material needs…It is said that George Muller had great faith … but in what aspect was it great?... Faith, moreover, is not a commodity that we can have in store, and add to until we have much of it, and employ to accomplish great things. It would be wrong also to believe that faith gives power in proportion to the amount we may possess… The power is not of us at all; nor is it wielded by us. The power is entirely of God. It is He who works. Our part is only to believe He will do it…In George Muller we find a man, who in first place, was obedient to God’s call…Muller’s faith consisted simply in obe

dience and believing God would do his part.” (answer for workers/Faith’s Simplicity)

As a couple we know that the Lord has called us to be part of a church plant in Las Tablas, Madrid. We are encouraged by 1 Corinthians 1:9 “God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.”

By Faith Our Tentative Schedule:

May 16th: Sunday am and pm. -Flat Creek Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

May 19th: Wednesday pm. - South Strand Community Church, Surfside Beach, SC

May 30th: Sunday am. - Sumner Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC

June 15th : Move from Chapin, SC to Virginia

June 15th- July 9th: Visit churches in NC & VA

June 25th: Covenant Community Church, Fredericksburg, VA

June 30th: Apply for Spain visa

July 10th – August 1st: Visit churches in PA,NY,MA,NJ

August 15th: Packing for Madrid

August 30th: Be in Las Tablas, Madrid