Thursday, October 15, 2009

Madrid, Spain. We are encouraged that after much consideration, prayer and discussion with fellow missionaries in Spain we see the Lord leading us to be part of a church planting team to Madrid, Spain. Our target area with be in the Northern part of Madrid in a section called Las Tablas. We will be joined by our fellow TEAM missionaries, Scott and Lorna Muha, who were church planters working in Caracas, Venezuela. Almost 2 years ago the Tablante family, members of the IBM church in Lecheria, Venezuela, moved from Venezuela to a brand new subdivision in Madrid. Aurora lives there with their 3 girls while Joel works in Saudi Arabia. With there being no Bible church in the vicinity, she would drive almost an hour on Sundays. She asked us to come and help start a church near her. In March we visited her, walked around just her section of 30,000 people, and she pointed across the highway to where 2 more identical sections have been built, all within the last 6 years.

None of us were aware at the time that a small group had begun to meet on Friday nights. Uh- oh, that could mean trouble; we had 2 choices: forget about it and direct our energies elsewhere or approach them with the possibility of joining forces. Instantly they were excited at the possibility! They are two enthusiastic couples from Argentina, trained in Word of Life who have a vision for starting a church in the area. After several extended conference calls and consultations with TEAM, the believers in Las Tablas, the TEAM Spain leaders, and we see this as a win-win situation. It dovetails with the advice that we not jump in cold to start something on our own. Please be in prayer as we begin to work on our vision statement, strategy, and team building. The Muhas would like to leave sometime after January and we would follow Lord willing in May. We need to raise additional support as well.

Las Tablas February, 2003

Las Tablas May, 2004

Las Tablas March 2009

A week ago Monday, Sharon had a biopsy done on a suspicious spot on her breast which turned out to be cancerous and would require surgery. Today the surgeon ordered an MRI to see if the cancer has spread to other areas. Should the MRI reveal other spots they will need to be biopsied before the operation as well. We trust that all the additional tests will be completed soon and we are looking at a surgery date sometime after the 26th of October. The post-operative reports will indicate if Sharon will need to undergo any radiation treatment. We will keep you informed and do appreciate your prayers that the tests will be accurate and any malignant tumors can be removed.

This past weekend we did a short presentation on missions during Occoquan Bible Church’s Fall Festival. We also did a missions awareness activity with the Awana children on Sunday evening.

Tomorrow we are planning to head down to South Carolina where Sharon will be attending a women’s retreat with the ladies from our home church. We hope to visit with Melissa on the way back. Next week we will travel to Schenectady, New York for a week of several speaking engagements with adults and children during the missions conference at First Presbyterian Church. We would appreciate your prayers that we would be instruments used to inform, motivate, and encourage the body of believers there.

A short family camping trip in Appalachian National Park is also planned.

We rest in the assurance that the Lord is in control of all these details.

Peter and Sharon

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