Friday, October 10, 2014

Discipleship training in Oxford

A number TEAM Spain missionaries have spent the last two years in a learning community with 3DM Ministries in Oxford, England.
 The learning communities have focused on how to develop a discipleship culture. If the church that we live is going to have a impact of the society in which we live, we can no longer wait and expect “them” to “come to us”. We need a missional approach to reach out to the cities in which we live. The church as establish by Christ is God's tool and means to each out to the lost world. Our learning community has spent time reviewing how Jesus taught and trained his disciples to carry on the work after he had left them. The focus of his training was to make disciples, spend much time with them modeling what he was teaching.

Fellowship with others in the learning community
 Small group sessions
TEAM missionaries from Europe

 Pretty canal near learning center
 Pub where C S Lewis would meet with colleagues
 Visiting Oxford University
Visiting Oxford University

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