Friday, July 15, 2011

Melissa’s Operation

Sharon flew to Virginia for 3 weeks to take care of Melissa after her operation. Instead of the anticipated half day in the outpatient clinic and then home, it required a rapid return to the emergency room for a long night of waiting and pain while the anesthesiologists adjusted her meds until she could manage the pain. She wasn’t released until 6:00pm the following day. The day nurse said that they usually stay for 2 -3 days after the Fulkerson procedure. Heather came for a couple of days to help with the initial recuperation. Melissa and I stayed at several places while she recovered and started therapy. She is now staying with Heather in Blacksburg, anticipating next week when she can stop using crutches and drive her car.

Distinguished Visitors!

Mike and Sarah Wilson, friends from way back, (since Mike was 9 yrs. old!) stayed with us a few days during an investigative trip to work at ECA, the school for missionary children.

We then received the Marcano family from Venezuela. They partnered with us in founding the IBM church in Lecheria. They are involved in a 2 week outreach in Tenerife. While they were here, IBM members met at our house for a total of 11 people!

Coming for a few days in August: the Schatte family from Lecheria, Venezuela. They have been instrumental in forming several home groups and we anticipate refreshing times with them.

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